Germany has many different regions and landscapes, and they are home to a huge variety of recipes and ingredients for cooking and baking. So put on your favourite apron and embark on a culinary voyage of discovery through Germany’s 16 federal states from the comfort of your own kitchen!

From the North Sea coast to the Alps, Germany boasts a multitude of traditional recipes that have been passed down the generations for centuries, shaped by regional ingredients, the climate conditions and local history. From hearty home-cooked fare to enticing sweets and cakes, many of these typical recipes are simple to prepare and often require only a few ingredients. For instance, there’s Frankfurt’s famous green sauce, which Goethe proclaimed to be his favourite dish. Our Swabian maultaschen, meanwhile, will instantly transport you to a quaint south-German inn, and the Thuringian rostbratwurst represents 600 years of culinary heritage. So pots at the ready, it’s time to cook!

German bread and baked goods

Bremer Christmas Cake

Cinnamon Rolls

Hasselback Potatoes

Jelly Doughnut

Kale with Sausage

Köthen Cobbler‘s Hot Pot

Leipziger Allerlei

Lyoner Pan

Matching dishes with wine

Mecklenburg Fish Pan

Peppered Beef Stew

Pork Knuckle

Potato Cake

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Swabian Onion Cake

Tarte Flambée

Thuringian Dumplings